Electronic: MENTA – So

We are glad to feature MENTA with their track So, the first presence of Greece in this blog. From Athens, MENTA has been playing sice 2000, which means 18 years doing music. Polyend comes as their seventh album. There are several influences in their music, the most notorious for me is synthpop/synthwave. The track is instrumental, recorded by analogue synthesizers.

Artwork by DB.

In total, Polyend has 8 tracks, being So the second of them, also released in a video. 5 minutes of totally funky synthesizers. Lovely sawtooth waves in the beginning followed by arpeggios. Rhythms are superb.

MENTA was formed in the late 90s by three members, Nikos Papadimitriou on vocals and bass, Kostas Vlahas on guitar and vocals and Panos Galanis on drums. The following year, Dimitris Lainas joins the band on keyboards and vocals.

You can stream it in Spotify following the link.

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