Follow-Up Post: Sal Dulu – Antasma (2017)

Before releasing Tyko, Irish producer Sal Dulu has gave birth to Antasma, a track full of nice beat and samples that deserves another space in this blog. The track arrives to 1:30 with a striking distorted synth lead sharing space with soulful vocals to then go back to its chill beats, followed by this lead chorus again and ending beutifuly, as much as Tyko, it is satisfying to listen the productions of Sal Dulu. You can stream it by Spotify here, also take your time to enjoy those magnificent Japanese audio samples with Duluoz Dream (too much idiot adjectives to describe what can only be heard). That’s an spontaneous work, nothing complex, nothing progressive, not so fancy with huge synthesizers, he does a great job with rhythms, nice harmonic keys, audio samples and beats that you don’t listen in many complex and hermetic 9 minutes tracks. Well, after all, not always it is necessary huge modulars to do great electronic music.

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