Alternative-Pop: Hot Flash Heat Waves – Glo Ride (2018)

At a first listen it sounds like a mixture between Tame Impala from Currents and Oasis. Glo Ride by Hot Flash Heat Wave, band from San Francisco, California is an interesting track that came to us. The band has earlier works available in Bandcamp and their Spotify. Which means they have been releasing music since 2014 at least.

According to Adam Abildgaard (Guitar) about “Glo Ride”:

The unknown is a frightening concept in most people’s lives. Being unsure of your direction or wondering if your passions are valid enough to pursue can stop you from doing what you love or trying new things. Since childhood we are told to buckle down and find a career that will make money and lead to success, to take the reigns and make a 5 year plan. In ‘Glo Ride’  we assume the passenger’s point of view, it’s about embracing the unknown and letting it take us for a ride. Though setting goals and having purpose in one’s life is important, it is equally necessary to know when to sit back and indulge in the moment. I tend to find when I relinquish control and let my expectations melt away I can truly experience the beauty of life and enjoy the journey it has in store for me through the fog and darkness.

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