Experimental: Σrrant Monks – BKM (Thamus SW Misunderstanding)

Another song for our ‘extremely original material’ posts. Usually the blog receives lots of experimental music that make my ears want to bleed or explode. Contrary to those weird songs we receive almost everyday Errant Monks and BKM  provides great use of audio collage, glitch noises and drums to create a 9 minutes work that is worth listening and not tiring for the ears at all, it starts interesting and finishes impressively until the last second.

This single should be the first of Errant Monk’s forthcoming LP The Limit Experience.

Errant Monks is an UK based artist, from Manchester. Together with their press release there are some quotations to be shared here:

“Fandango Shack, M16 – In the aftermath of August’s Révülé, the patient reports information transmitted by a variety of television and radio apparatus set up about the day room. Forgetting these signals are external, the patient begins to believe the simulcasts are in fact internal instructions on how to successfully navigate a peaceful world order.

“Cosh Administered – A monochromatic blitzkrieg of global sin; surveillance and news footage awash with hypnotic cathode rays warping in and out of minds paralysed in night terror revelation. If you look closely enough you will see the sharp side of Skariphastai.

“Enter Σrrant Monks: Psychopposition- Advanced Guard, counteracting punishment of insanity in the face of incessant bombardments of Machiavellian control. Perpetrators of social and creative oppression, you’ve been reading words upside down! Adjust your gaze. What runs North also runs Downstream. They call this exercise in Agnosticism; Denial of The Nile. Serious business!

“We encourage those caught up in the struggle to reach out and let us know. Much experience of The Manipulancients and their many rigged agendas and Technopolies has left us with system navigation knowledge in abundance. Organise! Red is the colour of Origin! Rise and Work… Sdvig!”

There is also a superp music video for this track:

You can stream their earliest works by Soundcloud, as embedded above. Meanwhile, let’s wait for that new LP.

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