Space Disco: Slow Babylon EP

Slow Babylon is a project from producer Leo Vasilets, based in Moscow, Russia. It is great dance music with amazing synthesizers and instrumentals. There is a whole EP that should be heard.  You can stream everything on Soundcloud by now.

When asked about his style, Leo Vasilets answers with a good sense of humour and spontaneously:

“(about the genre) I think it lurks somewhere between space disco, electro rock and psychedelic funk. I call it “Escobar’s moustache”.

In Slow Babylon’s Soundcloud page we can read:

“Pakistani funk… rebelling against modern music”.

Well, this rebellion indeed sounds great. Vasilets shows to be a skilled multi-instrumentalist that can craft disco that goes beyond disco itself, in a creative way, without letting go the funky grooves of disco itself.

Asked about the instrumentals, he repplied:

“I was always a fan of analogue synthesizers and funky beats, so this time I’ve tried to combine both. I do everything by myself in my home studio, putting hands on several analogue synths and funky vintage loops.”

It is clear that Funkadelic is a main influence to his signature sound as a producer. In two tracks Slow Babylon features vocals, with guest vocalists, while another song you can listen Vasilets mumbling himself.

Art by Roman Boltinov.

Let’s hope Slow Babylon will come out with new material soon while we enjoy this EP.

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