Downtempo: boerd – Fragment II

“I love the recording of the little boy talking about his poor family and the conditions they live in. He sounds kind of optimistic in a way, even though what he’s talking about sounds pretty terrible. We all go through hard times and maybe this track is about coping with it and coming out at the other end.” Bård Ericson

Swedish producer boerd releases downtempo track Fragment II, it all starts with an audio sample, with a little boy’s voice and chill synthesizers as background. The first beats remind the work of producers such as Four Tet. The single was released by AnjunaDeep.

Besides producing electronic music, Bård Ericson, is also a bass player for the Swedish Royal Opera, Swedish Radio Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Another interesting fact is that he started composing electronic music as an adolescente doing chiptune. Therefore, his music composition can focus on different aspects of music creation than a regular bedroom music producer. He attributes Fragment II to be about “coping with the poor conditions and hard times life can throw at you and coming out the other end”.

The track can also be streamed by Spotify,

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