New Music: NHOAH – Der Goldene Ball – The Golden Glow EP

Berliner producer NHOAH released 23rd March his new single while announced an album “West-Berlin” due out 13th April. Vocals very danceable while they sing smoothly “Der Goldene Ball“.  I appreciate truly when artists don’t stick to English when composing electronic music and use their own languages, so nice to listen different cultures speaking their own language in songs, specially for German language, who suffers the prejudice of being a harsh language but that can be soft and nice in a track like this. It flows smoothly, with a superb mix. In this case, the track was also released in English, besides German. As a second version, The Golden Glow. But I still prefer the one in German.

A track full of nice analogue synthesizers, arpeggios, a modular and in the end  danceable, no ambient here. The synths are very heavy, it reminds pretty much old school techno with a more contemporary touch.

The single was released by R.O.T respectortolerate Records.

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