Orchestral-Electronic: Henrik Schwarz & Metropole Orkest – You’re A Fireball

You’re a Fireball is the new single from Henrik Schwarz, German electronic music producer who is working with Metropole Orkest, this is an unique experience of listening electronic music performed by an orchestra. This single is part of a forthcoming album, that will be called ‘Scripted Orkestra’ on 7K!. Metropole Orkest.

Originally performed live as the opening concert of ADE 2016 and broadcast by Boiler Room, this new studio recording delves further into Schwarz’s increasingly formidable orchestral talent, showcasing the incomparable thrill of seamlessly blending acoustic performance with computer generated music.

The album is scheduled to be released 25th May, according to Schwarz:

“This track is an anthem to all the people around us who light up our lives by being who they are and how they are…”.

‘Scripted Orkestra’ for sure will stand out due to the fact that electronic music has been translated and converted into a composition for live instruments. Technology came before the performance. What makes the song completely interesting to ears, such as the drums and the typical arrangement for electronic music.

“Some say orchestra music is dying, that orchestras are dying. I believe they are about to be reborn,” says Schwarz. “Computers and technology are taking over our lives; people have been hiding behind their screens, but there’s a yearning for more human interaction. With orchestras, the human element is undeniable. I think there are some very interesting developments happening in modern composition. It’s at the start of something new.”

The album is already available for pre-order on Bandcamp, including in vinyl.

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