New Music: Rare dm – Almost a Year

“I’ve been waiting to catch a feeling, but you’re not in it for my heart, you’re here for the pussy”

From the creative hub of New York city we receive many great tracks, such as Almost a Year by Rare dm. A place full of great independent artists that always deserve to be shared by Synths of Eden.

Rare dm is what she calls: “a dark designer of electronic sound… exploring shadowed dissonance, foiled by the neon and black light glow of dance beats”. She produces music that have great electronic instrumentals and are yet danceable and pop. Melodic and delicate sounds are mixed with poetic lyrics about interpersonal relationships, as quoted above. It is impossible not to identify yourself with it, either you are a man or a woman. Everybody experienced the feeling of being sentimentally involved with somebody who doesn’t want anything else rather than physical and sexual attachments, having to carry with yourself this personal drama after “almost a year”.

Almost a Year is her first single. So, let’s hope she will have a busy year making new music, so we’ll be delighted listening to her again and again.

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