Ambient: Poztman – Shinrinyoku

Poztman and the track Shinrinyoku is one of the most interesting works I’ve received lately. This track is about the Japanese practice of “soaking in the atmosphere of a forest, i.e. ‘forest bathing’ “.

The track is part of the 40th release from Outtallectuals, Komorebi EP. This is the debut release from producer Poztman on the label. The sound is “an exploration of dark industrial spectral electronic music, with an overall influence of Japanese concepts and sounds”.

Didgeridoo, an Australian wooden trompet, was played by Tel’aran’rhiod.

About the EP: it is composed by elements of ambient drum n bass, post-black metal, neuro, and the avant-garde, to manifest a dystopian etherealm. Each song portrays a certain concept, aurally represented through the specific attunement of each composition.


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