Indie-Electro: NAVA – RITUAL

Trippy vocals, heavy instrumentals and industrial beats, you will easily feel liking turning around the fire in a fast-ritualistic and euphoric dance. The mix is also primal, especially in the conclusion, when the panning is shifting from left to right while the singer is chanting her last words. This song recalls Sexwitch from the collab between Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes) and producer Dan Carey, also a must if you enjoy this style. Interestingly, Natasha Khan interprets old Moroccan and especially Iranian songs in the album, while Nava Golchini is Iranian herself, based in Milan. Nava met producer Francesco Fugazza, and were later on joined by Elia Pastori and Marco Fugazza, that together formed the project NAVA.

After several months in the studio, they came up with their debut single ‘RITUAL’, well after so long we didn’t expect lass than a great song. Ritual is inspired in Persian music with electronic arrangements. Visually, NAVA inspired itself in the works of visionary fashion designer Gareth Pugh.

Ritual has been released 6th April by Factory Flows.

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