New Electronic: Krakowitz – Little Sisters

Deep inside our souls we are still youngsters playing with sticks. Actually, we’ve changed the sticks to the synths. As enthusiastic as when we used to build sandcastles, we meet at the studio and try to bring back at least some of those memories. Lets run together across the meadow, picking dandelions and throwing paper planes. Travel with us to those nostalgic times of pleasantly yellow sun and scary monster under the bed.

When poetry itself is blended with music by synthesizers. Great production by krakowitz, Piotr Figiel and Dominik Gawroński. Interesting work with audio, synthesizers and rhythm. Not a very particular style of electronic music, but I’d say it’s a downtempo track. 3:20 of music that brings back nostalgia and childhood, the combination of audio elements, such as a voice of a child is mixed with the colourful synthesizer experience. The main thing I can write about them is that their music is broadly original, the whole homonymous album is highly recommended.

They recently released an album in 24th January, it can be purchased by Bandcamp. Also available for streaming in Spotify.


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