New Music: Tokyo Wanderer – Heartbreak

One of the first artists featured in this blog was a Portuguese producer, GPU Panic and his EP Sand Haze, now we feature another producer from Lisboa, Portugal, this time Tokyo Wanderer. This 20 years old producer aimed to blend two different genres funk and trap to produce his newest track Heartbreak.

The track has a typical trap rhythm, while it is followed by an electric guitar tune, summed by a vocoder sound. The sound of Tokyo Wanderer reminds me chillwave with synthwave at the same time, plus 70s and contemporary electronic music. His signature sound for sure is a creative blend of multiple genres. His background with different styles goes back to even earlier, as he was playing bass for two different local death metal bands, plus studying jazz for two years when he was even younger. Such a talented guy.

According to Tokyo Wanderer himself, he started producing music in 2015, making future funk and then shifting to “chillwave, french house, synthwave and electro”. I’d say that it is even harder to decide in which of my playlists I’ll add his track. As he is suitable to all of them. In 2017 he released a ‘mini-album’, entitled Sleepless. He is also part of a collective of artists called “Future Society“.

Sleepless is going to be re-released as deluxe version, featuring Heartbreak as a bonus track by Neoncity Records a Hong Kong based label, in digital and physical formats due out this April.

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