New Downtempo: Haulm – Clean

It’s raining downtempo tracks in this blog, due to highly creative artists making what they know best. Another one from USA, this time Haulm and their new track Clean.  A song part of their 6 tracks EP Stay For Me. The whole EP is highly recommendable for those who are looking for new downtempo material, not the most danceable kind, but the field recording with birds singing in They Come Along will mesmerize fans of this style, summed by superb sound design. Clean is just one among 6 other powerful tracks.

Haulm is a collaboration between vocalist/composer, JT Norton, and producer Reed Kackley (BAILE). The two met in 2012, in the local scene of Brooklyn bands, but just started to work together recently in 2017. It all started with some casual jam vocal sessions for BAILE, that turned into a serious music project.

The project blends ambient electronic music, with the traditional downtempo touch, vocals are very delicate and intimate. The instrumental were recorded by modular sounds summed by analog synthesizers. The duo aimed to create music that express a sense of sincerity.

It is possible to stream their tracks by Spotify.




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