Trip-Hop: obylx – Ghosts

He can be found deep in the forest, in the basement of a derelict building. Surrounded by flashing lights and strange technologies, he tries to make sense of his world.

Not much is known of the man who dwells within, only that his name is “obylx”.

Trip-Hop is an epic style coming from UK. Bristol producer obylx presents us his track Ghosts, marked by danceable rhythm and that particular dark vocal from trip-hop, all of this summed by an interesting combination of synthesizers that end abruptly after growing until 3:05. This track ends with that feeling that you wished there would be more to come after that, but shorter tracks also have their importance, though I recently wrote about how I love long tracks such as 12 minutes ones.

Well, we don’t much about obylx, but one thing we know for sure, he is a highly skilled producer releasing lots of trip-hop songs this 2018, so if you like the style, keep an eye on him.

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