New Downtempo: Airium – Our Lives Together (radio edit)

Our Lives Together (radio edit) comes as another track for our list of powerful downtempo songs recently released, the tempo can be down, but the track can make you high. Not the danceable kind of downtempo track, it’s more a IDM style, marked by experimental sound design and vocals. It can sound a bit noisy, like as if you are listening to it by cassette, but surely a nice white noise.

Airium is an UK based artist, Saul Wodak, based in London. Ex-member of Australian band Wim and currently touring with Hero Fisher as guitarist. Our Lives Together comes as Saul’s solo experimental electronic. The track ventures trough field recordings to colour his analogue recording sections. A blend between artifical and natural sounds, music through manipulation of audio and instrumentation at the same time.

Besides his Bandcamp page embedded above, you can also follow him on Soundcloud for more.

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