Mega Drive Inspired: Ridley / Ripley – Orbinaut

On the one hand, Orbinaut is a character from Sonic the Hedgehog, a popular video game of the 1990’s. It’s a mini-planet, with a face merely made of two eyes and spiked orbs circling around it like satellites, which the orbinaut can shoot at enemies. On the other hand, it’s the name of Henning Behrendt’s music project, a Hamburg based Producer.

Ridley / Repiley is another track that was produced in Germany, by Orbinaut. As usual, a synthesizer voyage. The intro is long and it makes us have the impression that it will be a long instrumental journey, though if not interrupter by trip-hop style vocals, that sometimes sound like Thom York style, while other a more Massive Attack. Yet, the instrumentals are super from beginning until the end, as the track itself is not long, lasting for 3:24 minutes.

The track is part of the album The Marmalade Mind. Most of the track was composed and performed using a Moog Sub 37, vocals were performed by Josephine Cilia Gand. It is possible to listen the 90s videogame inspiration in tracks like Smool, for instance. The whole album is highly recommended if you enjoy this type of electronic music inspired in 90s videogames, the drum machine has the signature of a Elektron Analog Rytm drumcomputer.

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