Psychedelic-Rock: SPAER – “Silo” (feat. Money Penny)

After a long intro with a melody of synthesizer, we come towards a vocal that reminds me somehow the soundtrack of Silent Hill 4, that old Playstation 2 already forgotten in the past. In therms of music genre I’d say trip-hop. The song grows, grows, enter into a vortex of repetition, that is growing even more. Until it ends at 4 minutes, the way it started. This is Silo, by SPAER, featuring vocals of Money Penny. The track has been released by Axis Mundi Records.

SPAER is a pscyh-pop prject from audio/visual artist and producer Peter Spears, founder of psych band Psymon Spine. Peter recently released as SPAER an album called Vol. 1, featuring several different vocalists as SPAER and in 2017, by the same label, Psymon Spine‘s album You Are Coming to my Birthday.


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