Post-Punk: LPascolatti – Capiroto Amado

Celebrating more than a 1000 streams in Spotify, Capiroto Records is offering a hundred codes to download Capiroto Amado in Bandcamp.

Actually part of “My Music” page in this blog. Capiroto Amado is so far my favourite track from all those crap I produced this year, a mix of synthpop with post-punk featuring the classic sub-urban “carro da pamonha” seller, shouting for people to check their delicious pamonha from the pure cream of green corn. The track goes a bit beyond the synthpop/synthwave vibe from my earlier Up Side Down release, with more aggressive mixing/mastering and use of noisy analog synthsizers. To celebrate more than a 1000 streams in Spotify I just created a 100 codes to download the track in Bandcamp, as embedded. You can click here to check all the codes.

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