Avant-Pop: L CON – You Were Right

“About two hours north of Toronto, there’s a studio nestled in the woods where you can go to write and record, free from distraction. It’s co-owned by Lisa Conway, a writer, musician and composer who makes kinetic avant-pop music under the name L CON”

I love songs with nice synthesizer melodies, finely crafted sound design, summed by amazing vocals. The whole song was performed, written, arranged and produced by L CON (Lisa Conway), except for the Saxophone, that was performed by Karen Ng.

You Were Right is the first single of her forthcoming album, Insecurities in Being.

Lisa Conway has composed music for performance artists, film-makers and dancers, but it’s her solo work that better expresses her artistic world views. You Were Right shows Lisa’s skills as a producer and composer, that is not limited to synthesizers, but also open for organic instruments. Needless to say that her vocals are also an important part of her music.

You can also stream it by Spotify.

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