Experimental: Jimmy – Smile

“I tried to throw myself into the fucked-up dream that is the opioid epidemic in the United States and capture what I could of its hazy and ironically self-destructive fantasy.”

Well, this track impress me. I don’t have a genre to classify this, it would be a kind of progressive rock with an influence of stoner rock and many other things. Highly well produced. I will not say much, I’ll leave it to yourselves to judge. According to Jimmy, about his newest track Smile:

“I didn’t write Smile because I’d found any answers and writing it hasn’t afforded me any catharsis. Smile is simply a reaction to the corporations who perpetuate addiction as a pillar of business, to all the trendy marketing campaigns of the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries with their side effects in fine print or sped-up voice-overs, and the innocent souls on the other side of a rigged transaction.”

It will also be featured in Synths of Eden Spotify playlist, so don’t follow it if you want to loose many nice tracks curated by this blog for the past few months.


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