New Hip-Hop Release: Eamonn Nolan – Indigo Hydration

Amsterdam based Eamonn Nolan released today his debut album Indigo Hydration, this is hip hop and beat-making without much pretension, which shows out to be even more impressive than more pretensions works in the genre. Lyrically it contains tracks with a high sense of humour, such as Freshwater, while it still provides some experimentalism sonically. Kicks Hit Pavement is a track that talks about Amsterdam and life here. Another track that deserves attention is the instrumental Holy. Hip hop is a a flexible genre of music, that combines lyrical composition and beats, nothing more democratic than this, don’t expect the most experimental and complex post-rock riffs or synthesizer hallucination of Flying Lotus, but for sure this work is outstanding and deserves a place in this blog.

You can also stream it in Spotify:

As usual for other tracks featured here in the beatmaking genre, it was featured in our playlist Chillin in Eden.

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