Techno: J Swink – Autonomic

If you don’t want to miss the beat, you’re reading the right release! J Swink has 15 years of experience on how to make the audience lose their minds into the depths of the techno. His career started in San Francisco in the Fierce Animals Recordings for an EP called ‘Autonomic’ that you can even check it out on Spotify.

With Regard to the track itself, ‘Autonomic’ has everything it takes to blow every techno house in the very world, if you like it, we advise you to start with ‘Malfunction’ another track that came out of J Swink creative mind that takes you through a groovier way of using drums and bass tones that certainly gets every techno fan excited.

Got curious? You can hear more about him on basically every social media and listen directly to his work on SoundCloud and also on Beatport.

The track will be featured in our playlist Synths of Eden together with some other techno tracks featured here before.

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