(Nu) Disco: Deanna Devore – Seven Eight

Deanna Devore is today’s tip for you that likes a strong beat. She is like a chameleon swinging around electronic, downtempo, alternative, acoustic, jazz and orchestral territories. Owner of a mesmerizing and mysterious voice, not long ago she released the song “Seven Eight” with a rhythm that most likely will get you stock listening to it over and over for a long time.

It is very rare to see such well-made relationship between songwriting and production like this music. The soul of so many of us is bared instantly as the song goes on. The conclusion is that, in the very end we’re not able to control anything and as she says: “We tumbled down, I turned around. With nothing there but just one sound of echoed thoughts, of paths crossed and wondered then was something lost?”. But don’t you think her power stops in this song! “A Cause” has a similar beat and is cause of introspection among her listeners.

The powerful voice of this singer can make you feel every drop of what she means whatever you are, working in a coffee shop, or just at the gym. And you can find Seven Eight on Spotify, SoundCloud. Did you like today’s tip? You can hear more songs like this one in our playlist Synths of Eden.

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