Downtempo: Uma E Fernqvist – For U

Uma E Fernqvist has been an artist for at least 20 years and emphasizing  artist, with performances filled with experimentalism and improvisation, to musical installations and dance performances. She is heavily influenced by the 90’s downtempo, trip hop, cinematic moods and electro technical soundscapes; so, it’s no surprise when she comes up with the ‘Reverse‘ EP.

In her own words:

“For U” is about a wait that almost makes you destructively paralysed and puts you in a vacuum of beautiful melancholy. A wait for someone… or for myself.’

For U was recently released and it is part of the ‘Reverse EP‘. It’s as if the artist herself described, “the vacuum of beautiful melancholy” in which you do not know if you’re alone or surrounded by a mix of blissful instrumentation and pulsing percussion, in a way, it does not let you feel alone.

Got curious about what she has come up with?

You can check up the song For U on SoundCloud as embedded. An insider tip, pay attention to every note, don’t just listen while you do something else. The track is also available in Spotify, a special addition to your melancholic playlist, and if you want to hear more tunes like this one, make sure to follow and listen our playlist Synths of Eden.

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