Editorial/Disclaimer: Synths of Eden Recent Inactivity and Getting Back on Track, an Amsterdam based blog

Disclaimer: I have moved from Rotterdam to Amsterdam in the past week, so I have been very busy and AFK for a long time to keep with regular posts. Sorry for all those e-mails not answered or inactive days in Submithub, plus everybody who sent me tracks and that were expired, I saved all of them for later. Also, besides the blog I have been engaged in a regular job in Amsterdam, so things have been hard. 

However, time to get back on track! So I expect to be coming back with daily posts and better content, not just everyday posting random nice new releases and basic music curating them, but trying to diversify the content and come back with old things I listen and not being so much limited to the electronic music genre or to music being composed by synthesizers, but aiming to go beyond that as much as possible.  I realised the blog has become too mechanic, so it needs to grow, expand and not be limited to me Lucas Pascholatti as editor and main poster of the blog, as I had some help on the last past weeks (Thanks Wallace).

So, for all those who wanna collaborate with the blog, I’m open for it, just write me and we can discuss all the possibilities!

For Submithub, I’m currently active and there is a big queue of 20something approved releases to be featured here, so I will be picky with new submissions, as much as by e-mail. Sorry I can’t answer everybody!

Godspeed Synths of Eden in Amsterdam!


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