Vinyl: Gaëtan Vigier – Mamie Techno EP

Instrumental electronic music with good sense of humour and a French house-disco touch, this is Gaëtan Vigier and Mamie Techno EP, released by Arcade 8-bit (Paris). Besides having techno in the name, don’t expect that dark crude repetitive techno that shows itself on the small details, like Underbooz previously covered here.

Gaëtan goes for a more danceable and party feeling, full of sense of humour. Sounding like an instrumental disco-house, first things that come to my mind as my next tracks are other French artists such as Homework from Daft Punk and those tracks in between the big hits or some other tracks from Justice, like Genesis (1997). Big use of synthesizers and repetitive lead sounds summed by the bass. The A side has claps typical from house and those chord progressions, great for a DJ mix in a party mood. The A side features title track Mamie Techno (4:32) – embedded -, Vacuum Weels (4:24) and the Bar Interlude (1:05).

Whereas for B side, we have a mixture of dark techno with 8-bits videogame influence tunes, like chiptune, such as in Crusty Night (3:52), followed by Radio Clones FM (4:03) and Velvet Club (4:58), all with the same vibe, which makes sense reading again the label’s name and after further research discovering that it is a creative agency that makes music for videogames and run by Gaëtan himself. Overall, the B side sounds like the Streets of Rage soundtrack.

Glad to receive it from Gaëtan himself and Arcade 8-bit.  Great master, it sounds pretty well on vinyl. I had a great time listening it. Artwork by Clémentine Giraud, who has done a highly representative art for what Mamie Techno is as music.

Official release 31st May.

For more details check Gaëtan’s website here:

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