Electronic Afro-Jazz: Kalaha – Dragon Jenny

This track is an exploration of African rhythms and the use of instrumentals providing a jazzy yet electronic tune. Indeed an original material, coming from Kalaha and their new release Dragon Jenny. The band consists of two electronic musicians (Rumpistol & Spejderrobot) and two live instrumentalists Niclas Knudsen & Emil de Waal, from Denmark.

It’s an impressive 6:07 that reminds a live experience, of a jam session of well skilled musicians, without loosing all the emotion and feeling of music. It’s a reaffirmation of the fact that all music have their roots in West Africa. With Dragon Jenny, the band allows itself to combine the African inspiration together with traditional electronic music with synthesizers, such as the keyboards, summed by electric guitar and rhythms.

The band has previous albums Massala (2016) and Hahaha (2014). So there’s a lot of good music by Kahala, I personally recommend Massala for a first listener. Their forthcoming album has been announced and will be called Mandala, to come out this second half of the year.

They also have some music videos, such as BWW (such a lysergic experience):

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