Midnight Chill Post: Brava Kilo – Birds, Central Park, November

The track is a chill that grows and grows, resting by the end, mixed with field recordings of birds, interesting use of harmony, the sounds design is always filled by a white noise and birds. In the chorus we have vocals, electric guitars, vibraphone, Fender bass and drums. It’s a beautiful track. So much inspiration for an afternoon in the park in the Canadian November weather. This is Brava Kilo (with artists below) and Birds, Central Park, November.

Composed and Produced by:
Brian Kobayakawa – synthesizers & samplers, Fender bass
Michael Davidson – vibraphone
Kevin Breit – electric guitars
Serena Ryder – voices
Tim Proznick – drums

Recorded by James Paul at Union Sound Company, Toronto, ON
Assistant engineer Darren McGill
Additional recording by BK, various locations
Mixed by Andre Wahl at The Little Girls Room

The track will be featured in the album Hang On, You Demons! coming June 29, 2018. It had support of Canadian public policies that are investing in art and culture, funded by the city of Toronto. It is also a new feature in our Spotify Playlist Chilling in Eden.

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