Techno: Tomcraft – You Don’t Know

Released 8th June, by Baroque Records, You Don’t Know by Munich-based artist Tomcraft is the second feature of our new Spotify Playlist – Synths of Techno.

The single also contains other track, High Fidelity. Tomcraft’s style of techno is full of energy, yet not so dark, there’s a lot of groove on it. Discrete synthesizers at same points, that merge with more intense monophonic bass lines. All of these blended with melodic arpeggios. There are some long bridges that will make you trip after long minutes of kicks and drums.

Listen You Don’t Know in Synths of Techno:

Techno: Esse Effe – Deep side of love

The first feature to our Synths of Techno Spotify Playlist is from an Italian producer of techno. Released 15th July, Deep side of love from Esse Effe, in italian it sounds like SF.  The track was released on uSound Records.

Esse Effe’s main influences are techno trance from the early 2000s, his style pursues a techno groove with many different unexpected layers coming and going, playing with chord progressions and rhythm all the time.  While presents us with acid bass arpeggios and synth stabs.

For Soundcloud users, follow him here:

Check the track below in Synths of Techno:

New Playlist: Synths of Techno

Synths of Eden new techno playlist. Classic techno, new techno, heterodox techno, traditional techno, all techno.

At first we were mainly posting techno tracks in Synths of Eden playlist, but I guess techno is such a particular style of electronic music that it deserves a playlist just for itself. The idea was to mix different influences of techno, some more contemporary, others more unconventional or “heterodox”, as much as some progressive techno, minimal or more old school techno, everything when it comes to techno is included. As usual, 50 tracks, that will be updated each new techno track or artist we feature on the blog, which means it’s a rotative playlist.

Submissions are more than welcome!

Music and Bicycle: Shook – Bicycle Ride (2018)

Well, today I got a new bike, at first, not the best ride, though it is a pretty nice bike, I’m still not used with those pedal brakes typical of some Dutch bikes. It was hard ride back home through the streets of Amsterdam. A good day to write about music and bike. Queen had a famous hit called Bicycle Race, that is eternal in the history of popular music. Besides the hype of new music Friday, a new week is also a good week to release a new album that has been developed for a long time.

In April we covered Shook and his track Wind on the Water, marked by great keys and a sensitive chill feeling, therefore featured in Chilling in Eden. By that time I wrote:

“This song is chill and bucolic just like watching the waves caused by the harsh wind on the water, almost zen. As if in an imaginary microuniverse you could surf in the huge waves of an otherwise calm river or lake, as if in that micromoment of mindfulness, the universe is bigger than what your mind can grasp and that single moment is deeper and bigger than a simple Wind On The Water.”

This time Dutch artist Jasper, known as Shook, released an album that shows his talent is not limited to that track, having great works such as Deep Dive and other more romantic tracks like Love Trip and I Will Be There, released recently as a single and video. The track Bicycle Ride reminds me all those soundtracks for the Pokemon Game Boy when you’re riding bikes (lovely chiptune).

Watching this small video about how Shook recorded Bicycle Ride you will see that his studio is quite impressive, with dozens of different new synthesizers that he explores in his recording process.

Besides streaming it in Spotify, you can also purchase it digitally and physically in Bandcamp.

The track Bicycle Ride is our newest feature of Chilling in Eden:

Trip-Rock: Escape Into – Ancient Language

Escape Into is a duo from Rio de Janeiro, formed by Dan Flict and Werther Azevedo. They started out in 2012 releasing their first album The Dream, followed one year later by their second album The Drama.

In 2018 the duo is back with The Mirror, their most adventurous release so far, this one not sticking to any specific genre, being classified by them as a blend of freestyle electronic music with strong progressive influences, specially from psychedelic and prog rock. This blend is called by them “trip-rock”.

The album is composed by 6 tracks, being Ancient Language the first one, followed by the highly melodic Purpose, a 7 minute track, together with fast tempo Another World the longest tracks from The Mirror. It is possible to listen that the duo is also highly influenced by the genres Metal, Goa and Psychedelic Trance.

The Mirror was mastered by Colin Bennun and the artwork created by Carol Porto.

It is also available for purchase in Bandcamp.

The track has been featured in our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden:

Synthwave in Eden: Elk Bird – Rendezvous with Ramen (2017)

Synthwave in Eden is back with a new feature, this time Rendezvous with Ramen, another track with a funny title, by Elk Bird, synthwave artist from Los Angeles, California.

The track is part of Exclusion Zone, an album highly inspired by sci-fi, as usual for tracks following the synthwave/chillwave thematics. You can stream the whole album by Spotify, as much as purchase it in Bandcamp (as embedded above). The whole album itself is not purely synthwave, having tracks that are more experimental when it comes to electronic music, such as Golem, for instance.

You can listen the track in the top of our Synthwave in Eden Playlist, as much as other submissions sent to Synths of Eden. Reminding that we’re always receiving submissions for new Synthwave tracks for this playlist, by Submithub or e-mail.

Crossover Tech-House: M!NT – Derek Foreal

Derek Foreal by New York based producer M!NT is a track that sounds like tech-house but dives in the bridge sections with use of vocals, audio samples yet being highly instrumental. It crosses genres at some points, with many hip-hop references, that is easily explained by M!NT’s latest productions, that was hip-hop and beats. Derek Foreal has been released by Outside In Records.

You can check M!NT‘s Bandcamp page for his earliest works.  The track has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

Experimental Electronic: Yem Gel – Knotg3rl

Premiered by Mixmag in Soundcloud, London-based musician and visual artist Alecs Pierce launched his new project a month ago as @yemgel with a four-track EP titled ‘Knot Being’ on @kick-clap-2.

According to his premiere by Mixmag:

At its forefront, ‘Knotg3rl’ channels an 0PN-esque stuttering sheen – glossy sounds flutter like jets of serotonin. Beneath, sounds spanning breaks, abstract grime pops and digi-harp strums meet in an intoxicating concoction of misfit styles. We can’t get enough.

It is not an easy track to listen, it goes to the absurd when it comes to experimentation with audio files and what you can do composing music by aggregation of samples. But it’s quite impressive the work done by Alecs Pierce. We have 6 minutes of a composition that dares to experiment and to impose itself as the creation of several layers and different music elements, stuttering sounds that are annoying per se, but in the end combined became deep music, it’s not something easy to do.

Yem Gel’s debut EP Knot Being has been released this Friday and it’s been featured in our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden:


Downtempo Funk: RJ Pasin – Sentience (Soundcloud)

As I always mention here in my reviews on Synths of Eden, there are no boundaries to music creation. If you wanna make same amazing and call it ‘downtempo funk’ you can do it, freedom of creation can allow you to do many magic thinks. In this case, RJ Pasin with Sentience gives us a 3:00 minutes of jam in different instruments, the track has amazing drums and several solos in sequences, including organ and synths, something that bring us back to mind artists like Emerson Lake and Palmer, or old style progressive rock.  Definitely, RJ Pasin is a multi instrumentalist. I recommend listening to RJ Pasin’s soundcloud profile for  other tracks of the kind.

Surrealist Electropop: R34L – Anim8

The song explores themes including understanding the mind as a canvas and letting go of attachments.

This track is something like Crystal Castles meets 90s Swedish band The Cardigans, surrealist electropop is an appropriate genre to classify R34L and Anim8.

R34L is a duo formed by Sarah Hartman and Cason Trager, they blend organic and unique sounds in experimental improvisation, synthesizers and sampling. Their work has been self-produced and Anim8 is the opening track of a not yet released 12 tracks album that will be called WHAT/IS.

The track has been featured in our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden: