Friday Afternoon Drama: Naomi Greene – Collision

“Collision” is about this feeling of illusions crashing into reality, when suddenly everything is clear and it feels like you’re in a slow motion suspension in time right before landing back into the turbulent spiral of your life. The song talks about distance and walking out of love with someone that you know isn’t good for you, all the while feeling the painful roars of your heart’s longing.

Well, if you are human, conflicts of love is a natural feeling and you felt it for sure. Collision is about this, and in this case Parisian-born, Los Angeles based, Naomi Greene provides us with an amazing voice and a song that deserves a place here in Synths of Eden. This Friday afternoon, we select this track, as not all Fridays are of blue sky, sometimes we should face hard working hours before weekend comes back once again.

Playing both an harp and electric guitar, she sums her abilities as a musician with songwriting. Besides all of that, Naomi also lent her voice to La Femme‘s last album Mystère. Great band that deserves to be listened to, especially their album Psycho Tropical Berlin.

The track has been featured in our Playlist, Chilling in Eden:

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