Concept Album: Comanche Peak – Return to Fear Mountain

A concept album that follows a character as they pass into the afterlife confronting personal demons in order to come back to life and move forward.

Comanche Peak is John Anderson, according to his Soundcloud profile he began recording music in his early 20’s while living in his hometown in Texas. Today he works with music for film and television. Return to Fear Mountain is the second release for Comanche Peak with Chain Letter Collective. Currently John Anderson lives in Los Angeles, working with various projects. You can check his Bandcamp profile for other releases. The album features Scott Kuza, Imani Carino and Greyson Beffa as collaborators.

The album is a conceptual synthesizer experience, it mixes ambient music with synthpop elements, it also has the Soundtrack experience, such as Diablo II OST, by Matt Uelman. It is also available in Spotify. Witch’s Promise has been featured ir our playlist Synths of Eden, together with Rogue, from Diablo II.

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