Music and Bicycle: Shook – Bicycle Ride (2018)

Well, today I got a new bike, at first, not the best ride, though it is a pretty nice bike, I’m still not used with those pedal brakes typical of some Dutch bikes. It was hard ride back home through the streets of Amsterdam. A good day to write about music and bike. Queen had a famous hit called Bicycle Race, that is eternal in the history of popular music. Besides the hype of new music Friday, a new week is also a good week to release a new album that has been developed for a long time.

In April we covered Shook and his track Wind on the Water, marked by great keys and a sensitive chill feeling, therefore featured in Chilling in Eden. By that time I wrote:

“This song is chill and bucolic just like watching the waves caused by the harsh wind on the water, almost zen. As if in an imaginary microuniverse you could surf in the huge waves of an otherwise calm river or lake, as if in that micromoment of mindfulness, the universe is bigger than what your mind can grasp and that single moment is deeper and bigger than a simple Wind On The Water.”

This time Dutch artist Jasper, known as Shook, released an album that shows his talent is not limited to that track, having great works such as Deep Dive and other more romantic tracks like Love Trip and I Will Be There, released recently as a single and video. The track Bicycle Ride reminds me all those soundtracks for the Pokemon Game Boy when you’re riding bikes (lovely chiptune).

Watching this small video about how Shook recorded Bicycle Ride you will see that his studio is quite impressive, with dozens of different new synthesizers that he explores in his recording process.

Besides streaming it in Spotify, you can also purchase it digitally and physically in Bandcamp.

The track Bicycle Ride is our newest feature of Chilling in Eden:

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