Industrial Techno: Corporation Japan – Botched

Botched, by Corporation Japan is the newest release from the Moscow based collective HYPERTENSION. This is heavy industrial techno with some tribal elements in the percussion. The collective already accumulated a few records on their back, currently there are 6 different releases available in their Bandcamp page, as much as in the collective’s Soundcloud page (embedded). All of them adventuring with heavy, industrial and dark experimental music. Another tip is Untitled, by Ontological, as much as bladebuster – Disfunctional.

Botched has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Techno, together with Capiroto Record‘s newest techno release, Cyclic Tendecies (original), by Victorious.

New Disco: Antenna & Tasma – Astra (From Kazan with Love EP)

Astra has been released 29th June by Eskimo Records together with the EP From Kazan with Love, by Antenna, naturally from Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia), as shown by the title. The EP is purely a downtempo disco, with no vocals, that resembles clearly Lindstrom’s I Feel Space, as stated by Eskimo Records itself. Sometimes it sounds as a Synthwave, but with a big groove, that’s less typical for synthwave, that opts for a more mechanic style rhythm composition. Astra features another artist Tasma.

You can listen Synths of Eden’s Spotify playlist for Astra and next once I Feel Space from Lindstrom:

Electro-Indie: Samaris – Silkidrangar (2014)

The Balaton Sound ended but left a desire for more. Ready to go into the dark side of the musical universe with a light electronic input? Well, if you like a touch of melancholy in the songs you hear, you came into the right review but of course, without leaving a bit of techno aside: Samaris is a band that consists of a clarinet player Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir, a singer Jófríður Ákadóttir known as JFDR and an electronic musician Þórður Kári Steinþórsson. They play mostly electro-indie.

Resultado de imagem para Silkidrangar

This unlikely trio from Iceland first came together in the beginning of 2011, the same year they won the Músíktilraunir competition and right after released their first EP called Hljóma Þú. But only in 2013 releasing their first album by One Little Indian Records, curiously the same label that signed with internationally recognised band The Surgarcubes, that had Björk as a singer.

Latter, in 2014 the trio released the album called Silkidrangar with 10 tracks that adds up to a hypnotic and susceptible mush! Especially when talking about the music Ég Vildi Fegin Verd that seems as cold as the land they came from, the melancholy portrayed enters your skin like on the worst winter days leaving you sluggish, yet the subtle beats do not let your heart stop.

Turning this page, we can also find tracks like Lífsins Ólgusjór, which has a more dancing vibe, and Tíbrá equalizes you with a unique emotional stability in this album, it seems like walking in the middle of a forest. Finishing with Hrafnar that somehow makes you feel like you’re in a race, looking for something that you don’t quite know what it is.

Before we finish it

The songs from Silkidrangar are filled with space, atmosphere and some health sadness. If you’re into that, you can check this album out in Spotify.

By collaborators Igor & Wallace

The opening track of Silkidrangar, Nótt, has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden

(Nu) Disco: Kazy Lambist – Do You

Today we’re talking about electro-pop with a funky touch. We’re bringing back Kazy Lambist, a French artist that was born and still lives in Montpellier where he started and constructed his career.

In March of this year, he released the album 33000 FT. however, he’s still on fire and that’s why we’re talking about him again so soon, this time with the track Do You. Lambist is still on the same game, but this song comes with a touch of drama that makes the feelings go a bit off with the beat.

Resultado de imagem para Kazy Lambist - Do You

It’s even possible to make a parallel with the song we talked about back in March – Love Song – they follow the same recipe but deliver two completely different dishes. Love Song is a chill song with a strong bass line while Do You that is much more intricated and with the ability to get down into your bones but with the same bass skeleton in which the lyrics and other components manage to grow from.

This is a true work of art when it comes to electro-pop, and if you’re really into it, you can dive even deeper getting to know other artists such as Metronomy and Seth XVI with the song How She Goes delivering a much similar vibe to Love Song.

Do You is also the newest feature from our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

By collaborators Wallace & Igor

Electronic: OhmField – Worm Can

Producer from London featured here before with Rest, a track that it very calm by itself, worm, full of layers and beats that resemble post-dubstep, the track’s name is self explanatory. OhmField comes back with a new release Worm Can also with a self-explanatory title, a worm track, with an indie-pop vocal that is not only limited to the world of sampling, though it’s still explored. A wormer track with a highly noticeable bass, all topped up by synth pads of all kinds, summed with sampled parts of vocals.

For it’s pleasant and calm beats, the track has been featured in the Chilling in Eden Spotify playlist:

Pop-Synthwave: JessieFrye – Faded Memory (feat.Timecop1983)

This track is a combination of synthwave and pop, which is a natural combination, despite the fact that synthwave is an underground electronic music genre that revives synthesizers as a main instrument to produce music, specially analogue ones. It matches perfectly with pop as a genre, as music in the 80s were produced following many aspects contained in the current synthwave scene, such as FM synthesis and its keys, for instance. Synthwave connects easily with pop music, producing amazing results. Such as JessieFrye and Faded Memory, featuring synthwave artist Timecop1983.

Naturally, this will be our Synthwave in Eden newest feature:

Ethereal Indie: UV – Defender

This track is a high quality ethereal-indie that has been recently released on Soundcloud. Also, this is the debut track from UV, Marina Elderton, that won the PRS Foundation prize ‘Women Make Music’. We are always open to share new music made by women, specially those with such nice guitar as  Defender.

The track hasn’t been officially released yet, but Marina is currently working on her forthcoming EP, that should be released in the coming months.

Besides that, she’s also a award-winning composer, especially for cinema, you check everything she’s been up to in her official website:

Chill Electronic: Medilöme – 38

A combination of sounds, which is sophisticated and friendly, peculiar but elegant, both melancholic and appealing, emotional and interesting at the same time.

This is Medilöme, from France, and its track 38. Released by 56 STUFF. The track is the first of an EP called Xima.

This track is a blend of everything, hip-hop beats, electro synthesizers and peculiar experimental intro. Overall, this is an absolutely original track that deserves to be featured in our Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden, for it’s potential chill feeling and its experimentation with beats:

New Black Metal: Deafheaven – Canary Yellow/Honeycomb (2018)

When I was a young fan of music and started to go deeper in the world of metal, I was around 14/15 years old, by that time, followed by a stereotype, I thought that black metal was a crap, with adults using make up and shouting things about the devil.

Until I grew up, and started to go seriously deeper on it, since the basics like Venon, Cradle of Filth, to the best current bands that released more melodic material like Alcest, Lantlos, Neurosis, Altar of Plagues, Chelsea Wolf, Trees of Eternity, just to cite a few.

All with their peculiarities, it shows that black metal can be something amazing, deep, dark, above everything really pleasant to listen, full of colours, drums with double kicks, followed by guitar riffs and a dark guttural vocals. That are contrasted with moments of calm guitars riffs in the bridge, modulated, containing an atmospheric feeling at the same time.  Combined with reminiscences of old school thrash metal, emphasised by the riffs, that prove black metal, or what has been attributed to be post-black metal, to be more than the stereotype of face paint. But also being great contemporary music. In general, all of them push the boundaries to post-rock, such as Sygur Rós and Mogwai, for instance.

Deafheaven and their last two singles Canary Yellow and Honeycomb have been reposted by Synths of Eden in Soundcloud. This band comes from San Francisco, California and is currently on tour around USA and coming to Europe soon. Their three albums are more than recommended. According to interviews given by the band, they don’t consider themselves to be a post-black metal band, because “it has been done 10 years before they were a band”.


One day after this post, 13th July, the full album has been released, called Ordinary Corrupt Human Love: