New Release: David August – D’ANGELO

Two years ago, I had this urgent desire to have a true dialogue with myself,”David explains. “All these influences came during the process of finding an identity, the own story and not being a slave of whatsoever. I had to go back in time, confront my Italian roots and embody this rich culture as much as possible into my work. Something I never did before and sad enough I needed 26 years to do so.” 

David August, artist from Berlin, released in the beginning of July his single D’Angelo, that will be part of his new 7 tracks album, that has been signed with [PIAS] Recordings. This sound immediately brings back Darkside (2013), band composed by Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington. The album was recorded in Italy and was inspired in the paintings of Caravaggio.

The newest features of Synths of Eden are Paper Trails – Darkside and D’ANGELO by David August.


Synthwave in Eden: Derek John Miller – Signal

Synthwave in Eden newest feature is Signal by Derek John Miller, producer from USA. The first solo project under his own name. According to him, he plots a course between hypnotic dance music, sample-heavy hip-hop grooves, and surprisingly accessible modular noise.

Check the playlist for more:

Jazz: Àbáse – Skeme Goes All City

Skeme Goes All City by Àbáse is the newest jazz track featured in Synths of Eden.

‘Skeme Goes All City’ is a dedication to the New York graffiti pioneer Skeme and the power of self expression in Hip Hop culture. We wrote and recorded the track in one improvised studio session in the oldschool way, all the musicians in the same room, no headphones, no chance for correcting mistakes or editing. Raw.” – Àbáse

Also available for streaming in Soundcloud. It has an amazing art cover by Fabian Kretz. Àbáse is a project organised by Budapest born keyboardist Szabolcs Bognar that organised a collaborative project with other artists.

Their debut project has 7 tracks, being Skeme Goes All City one of them. It’s the newest feature of Chilling in Eden

Disco: J Lauda – Resonance

If you want to talk about contemporary instrumental dance, you’ve got to listen the recently released Resonance, from J Lauda. In total, there are 3 tracks, an original mix that served as inspiration to the two remixes that follow: The Chemical Harmony and the VIC-20 Remix. This artist from NY developed his work mainly in Toronto, where he was able to dive deeper in the dance scene.

This new release brings back a retro like style of synths, that resembles snaps of synthwave. When It comes to the Chemical Harmony, it provides us an upbeat approach and last but not least, VIC-20 Remix ends Resonance with a deeper approach.

Interested to know about what we are talking about? Don’t miss these three versions of the same melody which are certainly going to take you dancing with the fertile influences of the 90’s underground electronic music.

The track has been featured in the Synths of Eden Spotify playlist:

Synthwave: Darknaut – Soulsearch Commando

Soulsearch Commando is a faster style of synthwave. The track is part of Darknaut‘s latest EP entitled Afterdark Machine. The track has many influences from EDM, yet keeping the underground dark side of a fast tempo synthwave.

Producer from San Antonio, Texas, Darknaut explains his latest EP as a:

4-track opus blends synthwave, EDM, and soundtrack orchestrations in a relentless pursuit of unvoiced emotions.

The EP is available for purchase in Bandcamp.

The track has been featured in our Spotify Playlist, Synthwave in Eden:

Loop Track: Narcsus Prye – LOOP 3

Using a loop as a foundation,producer from London,Narcsus Prye composed his whole track, LOOP 3. In the final result sounds very nice, proving that making music can be done in many different ways, such as using a loop as bass and develop this into something new inside an arrangement, also not the easiest thing to do. Much more than with a single track, the whole album is called 8 Loops, with a self-explanatory title.

The track has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:


Techno: Three CP – Jumpin’ Raph’ Clash

Released by Lenjam Records, Jumpin’ Raph’ Clash is an energetic techno, it seems like the perfect techno for running or working out. Produced by Three CP, not the darkest kind of techno, besides having those dark voices whispering gibberish summed by the traditional dark synth lines of techno, this track has a somewhat energetic feeling on it. Overall, it has techno viking’s approval.

The track has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Techno:


New Electronic: Purchase – Performance Mode

Released today 23rd of July, by Capiroto Records.

If you’re looking for highly original electronic music, Performance Mode by Purcha$e is definitely the kind of track you’re looking for.

Purely melodic, while keeping the aggressive synth lines, arpeggios and drums mixed with basslines. Many different layers of music offered in two different cuts, extended and original mix.

The track is pure electronic music, it brigs us to an old techno atmosphere, while keeping to a more contemporary style of electro.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Purcha$e. Including the artwork.

Brandon K. (Purchase), from Iowa CIty, USA, has been producing music since he was 18. According to him, creating music is an expression of narrative and colour, which are the subjects who leads his productions. The song Performance Mode was inspired in the joy of listening EDM when he was a kid, when he would find CDs labelled “Techno”, or “Progressive Trance”, amongst others. In each of those discs, there would be a track that would really stand out. He occasionally would dive into those specific artists he liked and searched for more. In a nutshell, he would define it as “an experience of finding something new, vital and little off.”

The track is also the newest feature of Synths of Eden, Spotify playlist:

Synthwave: Color Theory – The Past Yet to Come

Newest track featured in our Spotify playlist Synthwave in Eden. The Past Yet to Come, by Color Theory. A track wholly composed by vintage analog classics, such as:  “Roland Jupiter 8 with sprinkles of Yamaha DX-7, driven by an Oberheim DMX”. It’s the first instrumental track of Brian Hazard, from Huntington Beach, USA. Check his Bandcamp page for the whole discography.

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Techno: Talal – Last Island

Released by Cenital Music, Last Island is a part of a compilation that is tribute to Ibiza, produced by Talal. The whole compilation Music For The Island can be streamed by Soundcloud.

It’s that kind of chill techno that is perfect for a daylight moment in an island in the Mediterranean, it truly pays tribute to the island of Ibiza.

Last Island has been featured in the Spotify playlist Synths of Techno: