Sunday Morning Deep House: Danya Vodovoz – Nautilus

Nautilus by Danya Vodovoz is a more relaxing kind of deep house, not the extreme dancing one that resembles traditional EDM. Great track for the daylight, in a Sunday morning while you grab a cup of tea or coffee. The track is part of his newest album Motion Machine.

According to him:

“This deep and bass-heavy house track is roughly based on a sampled ambient loop and focuses on minimalistic sound elements and multi-layered structures of orchestral music while reflecting the vibrant and colourful world of deep sea creatures.”

Apart from that, Nautilus also comes with a music video that was made by shooting different water game toys with macro lens under multiple light conditions. I guess not the first music video that practices with this genre, that has an amazing final result.

Danya Vodovoz started his career in 1998, in search of new ideas, different sounds and textures for electronic music. Seeing music as a whole made it impossible for him to elaborate a particular style of music creation. Since 1999, he has been producing for Germany’s well-know sampling company Uebarschall.

Apart from Motion Machine, Danya released an EP Serotonin in 2008 by the Deep House label Night Drive Music. Followed in 2009 by an album called Mantra. Serotonin reached top 10 albums of Beatport.

The track has been featured in our Synths of Eden Spotify playlist:

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