Uplifting Beats: Zap Holmes – Bumblebee Bad Boy

Bumblebee Bad Boy by Zap Holmes is an uplifting hip-hop style track that: “is about not being so bad even if you try.” Well, sometimes what actually happens is the opposite, you try not to be so bad, but end up being really bad, in the most optimistic scenario. Zap Holmes is here to prove us that you can, sometimes, try to be bad at something and end up not being that much. If he tried to make a bad track with Bumblebee Bad Boy, for sure this was a failed mission, as this is a great electronic/future beats work. 

Zap Holmes has been releasing tracks since 2014 and Bumblebee Bad Boy is this Gothenburg’s producer most streamed track so far.

This track has been featured in our Chilling in Eden Spotify playlist to provide it with its cheerful feelings:

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