Brazilian Indie: Jaloo – 1# (2015)

Brazilian indie music scene is easy to be identified internationally with famous names from the 90s/2000s such as Los Hermanos (singing mainly about heartache) and Pato Fu (considered by Times Magazine as one of the best bands of the world outside the US) or Céu (whose wan a Latin Grammy for Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album in 2016); however, today we will cover an artist that can possibly go unnoticed in the world scenario: Jaloo.

Jaloo comes from Brazil’s biggest region: The Amazon Rain Forest. Amidst the Amazon region, there’s a rich cultural hub for traditional music, such as Carimbó, Guitarrada or other folk traditions, such as the well-known Festival of Parintins. There are several different artists to be considered, such as Gabi Amarantos, Felipe Cordeiro, Strobo and especially Jaloo.

Firstly, let’s introduce you with the track Chuva, not his newest work such as Say Goodbye, but for sure a remarkable track to introduce his debut album. Chuva serves as a good sample of Jaloo’s work. So, you can lift the carpet and take a good look on what is underneath.

Under the carpet you will not find any dust, but an entire album of feelings and high quality Brazilian indie. His debut album has been called  #1 and stands out with songs such as Vem, Insight and A Cidade – that blends electronic music, such as house, with indie pop. Of course, all of that with a special Brazilian touch, so that you won’t forget where it comes from, though the Portuguese language is naturally the first obvious element, it doesn’t limit to be the only Brazilian influence in his works. The musicality of Jaloo brings the best of Brazilian rhythmical tradition, together with its fauna, flora and nature’s cycle.

Back to Chuva, the track presents us with the feeling of experiencing the rain season in the Amazon, which it does happen every day. Considering the lyrics, on a free translation, Jaloo touches the rain cycle in a tangible way, just like any other cycle.

“O vento vai soprar; Tudo pode acontecer; As nuvens vão se condensar; E, depois, vão dissolver”

“The wind will blow; Anything can happen; The clouds will condensate; And, then, dissolve”

Besides Chuva, if you hear the whole album with an open mind, you may even find references to oriental rhythm in Fluxo or to the “Techno Brega”, another typical electro-indie rhythm from the Amazon region (Pa Parará).

Jaloo is surely a young artist, but as far as we can explore his musicality and brief career, we can project a bright future to him as an artist inserted into a big hub of new creative Brazilian indie personalities. It is certainly something that cannot go unnoticed. You can check Jaloo’s debut album #1 from 2015 in Spotify, as embedded:

By: Igor and Wallace.

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