Techno: Underbooz – Popular Domain

With the rise of a an electronic climate in the air, since we are preparing for the Balaton Sound which takes place in Hungary, we will focus on Techno , and today it will be about  Underbooz. After Caleano, covered by Synths of Eden earlier, they released Fiel EP with 3 tracks, that are very likely to leave a striking impression on techno lovers.

The duo from Barcelona has released more than 3 works this year, a trilogy of albums dedicated to the number 7 (Seven Sisters, Seven planets, and Seven Deadly Sins), as covered here before. Not tired, they returned on Booz Moz with a three-track EP called “Fiel EP”. They are making Techno on a big scale, almost machine-like.

If they’re back by popular demand, we don’t know, but the first track is called “Popular Domain” and it takes you into a trip with a hard hitting kick and an acid touch that reminds us of Greed, a track from Seven Deadly Sins, but with a heavier percussion.

With “Secret Flavor”, track number two, we can enjoy a rough bass and groove, creating an instigating atmosphere that will not let you rest a single moment. The third track is called “Galactic Empire” is lighter than the previous and much more cheerful with a clean groove.

Popular Domain has been featured in our Spotity playlist Synths of Techno:

By Igor and Wallace.

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