South American Instrumental: Wiki Chaves – Tribal

Recently, Wiki Chaves, artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, released his  Andante EP, with tracks such as Tribal. It mixes string instruments, such as classic guitars with electronic music, with that Latin feeling in the rhythm and the in the riffs. It indeed reminds me some artists from back home in São Paulo, such as Sonido Tropico, that share the same recipe to make great music. Though Andante itself has a more chill and organic vibe.

Wiki started his career playing guitar as an adolescent in Buenos Aires, his first EP was with a groups of close friends in a garage, a rock band called Olaguer, that launched an EP. According to Wiki, the main inspiration was Argentinian bands such as the legendary Soda Stereo.

Since 2011 he’s been based in California, where he started to experiment with electronic music. In 2017 he launched an album called Camino. In his own words:

“An instrumental album inspired by the spirit of a road trip. The album is a blend of different sounds and styles from traditional Argentine folklore, Andean music, electronic and California surf music”.

Tribal has been featured in Synths of Eden Spotify playlist:

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