Progressive House: JP Lantieri – The Dark Side

When we say “The Dark Side”, what do you think? A catchy phrase from Star Wars? A place from beyond where bad creatures live? Well, let’s demystify this point of view, shall we?

The artist JP Lantieri shifts between techno, deep and progressive in London, where he plays in the main clubs like Ministry of Sound and EGG. In addition, he also won the Independent Music Awards in 2015 for his EP “London Calling” and 3 years earlier he took home the Gold VIMA Award for Best Electro/Dance Act.

Now, let’s talk about his new works, The Dark Side EP, that is a result of his collaboration with Paul Hazendonk and Ornery. This EP is the real deal when we’re talking about progressive house. When it starts playing you might even think that it is not at all about the bad things, until you get stucked into a self-discovery vibe that might take you to meet your very own dark side, but in a pleasant way, believe me.

A smooth bassline and delicate percussion makes the original song a very light and amusing music; when it comes to the second track the acid hints take over and leads you toward the edge of your own being. By the end of it we’re facing Ornery’s work in which the techno rhythm takes you up and down.
Ready to take a look at this EP? You can access it on streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Soundcloud.

By collaborator Wallace.

The Dark Side has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Techno:

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