New Metal: Deafheaven – Canary Yellow/Honeycomb (2018)

When I was a young fan of music and started to go deeper in the world of metal, I was around 14/15 years old, by that time, followed by a stereotype, I thought that black metal was a crap, with adults using make up and shouting things about the devil.

Until I grew up, and started to go seriously deeper on it, since the basics like Venon, Cradle of Filth, to the best current bands that released more melodic material like Alcest, Lantlos, Neurosis, Altar of Plagues, Chelsea Wolf, Trees of Eternity, just to cite a few.

All with their peculiarities, it shows that black metal can be something amazing, deep, dark, above everything really pleasant to listen, full of colours, drums with double kicks, followed by guitar riffs and a dark guttural vocals. That are contrasted with moments of calm guitars riffs in the bridge, modulated, containing an atmospheric feeling at the same time.  Combined with reminiscences of old school thrash metal, emphasised by the riffs, that prove black metal, or what has been attributed to be post-black metal, to be more than the stereotype of face paint. But also being great contemporary music. In general, all of them push the boundaries to post-rock, such as Sygur Rós and Mogwai, for instance.

Deafheaven and their last two singles Canary Yellow and Honeycomb have been reposted by Synths of Eden in Soundcloud. This band comes from San Francisco, California and is currently on tour around USA and coming to Europe soon. Their three albums are more than recommended. According to interviews given by the band, they don’t consider themselves to be a post-black metal band, because “it has been done 10 years before they were a band”.


One day after this post, 13th July, the full album has been released, called Ordinary Corrupt Human Love:

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