Disco: J Lauda – Resonance

If you want to talk about contemporary instrumental dance, you’ve got to listen the recently released Resonance, from J Lauda. In total, there are 3 tracks, an original mix that served as inspiration to the two remixes that follow: The Chemical Harmony and the VIC-20 Remix. This artist from NY developed his work mainly in Toronto, where he was able to dive deeper in the dance scene.

This new release brings back a retro like style of synths, that resembles snaps of synthwave. When It comes to the Chemical Harmony, it provides us an upbeat approach and last but not least, VIC-20 Remix ends Resonance with a deeper approach.

Interested to know about what we are talking about? Don’t miss these three versions of the same melody which are certainly going to take you dancing with the fertile influences of the 90’s underground electronic music.

The track has been featured in the Synths of Eden Spotify playlist:

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