New Electronic: Altvater – Arcturus

According to Altvater, when Arcturus was produced he was constantly bobbing his head, it’s the darkest sound on Walking Creatures EP. The track is also the newest feature of our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden.

Altvater is a music producer from Columbia, United States. His main influences are trip-hop and electronica. He recently released a new single called Moonbird, with a more chill sound if compared to Arcturus.

Synthpop: Widdendream – Nothing Is Real

Widdendream is a synthpop duo from San Francisco area in California, United States, formed by Mei-Lee Chen on vocals and Alex Clark on synthesizers. We feature them in Synths of Eden with Nothing is Real, a classic synthpop Construction Time Again style. Though the band claims it’s a mixture between dark wave and synthpop, I prefer to stick with the latter. The track is part of their recently released album In The Night. Available for download in Bandcamp.

Nothing is Real has been featured in our playlist Synthwave in Eden:

Psychedelic Waves of Eden: Intenso – Blood Shrinks Everything

Today’s update in our newest Spotify playlist, Psychedelic Waves of Eden, is Blood Shrinking Everywhere by Intenso, an experimental band from Perth, Western Australia.

The track is part of their latest EP, called The Stars Are Cold Toys, that places the band in a more narrative path. They claim to have worked with partially composed pieces, recording everything through the control voltage of a modular synthesizer. According to them:

“The action remains always and foremost free improvisation although entwined in this new EP is a deeper ambient disposition with a greater openness and pace to previous recordings.”

For them Blood Shrinking Everywhere sees a slowing of the heart rate from vintage Intenso into more controlled, moody even movements and vibrations. Sizzling modular synth tones lead us down dimly lit, unknowable sonic corridors which quickly become unstable and fragment exponentially. The Intenso formula is always in flux, the three piece line-up remains the same and the direction, blood simple.

The album was out today in all streaming platforms. And it’s being featured in our playlist as well:

Chilling in Eden: d.E.n.k – dEnk (feat. Henk und Mischa)

Originally d.E.n.K has been released in a multi-artist album called Fusions 1, a collaborative project full of chill out tracks, such as d.E.n.K itself. The track counts with the special participation of Henk and Mischa playing trombone and saxophone. According to the German producer with the same name, dEnK (without the punctuation): the track “has a chill trip-hop type of flavor and is well suited as music for relaxing and enjoying a good evening at the terrace”. You can check dEnK‘s soundcloud profile for more.

Trip Hop: Hubrist – Cave Jazz

Today we feature a new trip-hop track, Cavejazz, by Hubrist, producer from Berlin. The track is part of the Cavejazz EP, though it has only 3 tracks (technically a single). You can also find the album for download in Bandcamp. It’s a faster tempo trip-hop track that will certainly not disappoint you, which mixes chill electronic music with typical hip-hop beats in a faster tempo. Almost 6 minutes of the best chill out/trip hop vibe, good for listening on a headphone as much as for the dance floor.

Synthwave in Eden: Pax Humana – Cybernetic Fantasy

Cybernetic Fantasy by Pax Humana is the newest feature from our synthwave playlist, Synthwave in Eden. Although it’s not precisely the traditional synthwave track, it’s a great work with synthesizers, the rhythm and the whole harmony shown by the use of arps and compelling bass lines. Plus, the whole sound design is great. According to the producer of Pax Humana, New York based Brian Lindgren, the track was inspired on a post-apocalyptic cyber-punk setting, Blade Runner style. It is part of his 6 tracks EP, Revolution . You can also download it via Bandcamp.

Check the playlist for more:


Chill Electronic: Mayten – Movements feat. Ella Joy

That chill track that would still work on a dance floor. Nothing more than appropriate for this blog. Released by Big Slide Records. Movements was produced by Latvian Krists Auders, based in Seattle, under the artist name Mayten . It’s a track that bases itself in the roots of chill electronic done in the 90s (such as The Orb). I also mixes some elements common to microhouse. Plus, the amazing vocals provided by Ella Joy make a big difference. Movements was part of a compilation called Recess Vol. 2, out 7th of August.

The track has been featured in our playlist Synths of Eden:


Chilling in Eden: Nico Rosenberg – 2026 (Soft Rain)

The newest feature of Chilling in Eden Spotify Playlist is2026 (Soft Rain), a track producer by a Chilean music producer called Nico Rosenberg, from Santiago. According to him the track was recorded by using old synthesizers plus VHS/cassette tapes. The vocals were provided by Tara Baswani, an Indo/Canadian composer and singer that worked before with Cirque de Soleil/ Kooza.

The track’s title is a refference to the novel by Martian Chronicles and the poem There Will Come Soft Rains, by Sara Teasdale. 2026 (Soft Rain) is part of Nico’s debut EP entitled The Second Expedition. Released in all streaming platforms.

You can listen the playlist for more electronic chill tracks:

Cosmic Electronic/Post-Rock: Drab habit – Cosmos

A track that samples the voice of Carl Sagan and is called Cosmos will naturally be a cosmic electronic trip with a post-rock/shoegaze style of guitars. Produced by Dublin born David Qadir, London based, under the project Drab Habit. It’s our second feature of Psychedelic Waves of Eden Spotify Playlist. The lead melody followed by distorted guitars makes me think of Mogwai‘s style such as with 2008,  I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead. The track is part of the EP called Progress, that is also available for download in Bandcamp.

According to his bio, he was heavily influenced by grunge and classic rock:

“A self-taught guitarist first and foremost, Qadir’s early musical interest was firmly rooted in the Seattle grunge scene, with a sprinkling of 60s & 70s classic rock: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden & Stone Temple Pilots meets Hendrix & Led Zep. But, with age and through involvement in a variety of different projects, tastes broadened and he became increasingly interested in more diverse recording and production techniques. The first forays into self-production were heavily guitar-based arrangements, recorded on a trusty Boss BR900 8-track recorder, with which he still refuses to part. Nowadays, while a Gibson Les Paul and an Epiphone Sheraton II still take pride of place in his home studio, keyboards, synths and strings now play a prominent role in many of his compositions. “

Chilling in Eden: Two Days to Alaska – Beginnings (Le Ciel)

Today’s Chilling in Eden feature is a producer from London TwoDaystoAlaska with Beginnings (Le Ciel), released by Cult Classic Record. You can also find it in Bandcamp for download. The track is part of TwoDaystoAlaska homonymous debut album.

TwoDaystoAlaska makes progressive electronic music filled with thought-provoking samples and heart-stirring ambience. Seven years in the making, TwoDaystoAlaska’s debut is a loose concept album whose theme is the interplay between life and death; meaning and suffering.