Neo-Psychedelic Rock: GORGG – Flying Leaf

One of Synths of Eden’s plans is to create our own neo-psychedelic rock playlist with the best tracks and trends of 2018, as many nice things have been released everywhere. Still, while we don’t make our own curation of neo-psychedelic rock, we present you with GORGG and Flying Leaf.

GORGG is an experimental electronic and alternative music project originated in Tehran (Iran) and that is now based in Toronto, Canada. The band is lead by Koohyar Habibi and Paria Forouzesh. Koohyar as the Producer, Singer and Songwriter, while Paria is responsible for the keys as well as managing the project.

Quoting their own bio:

Both of them have found their passion in early childhood and started studying western and eastern classical music from the age of twelve at Tehran School of Music. Individually, they started to self study different styles of songwriting, Electronic and Rock music production, and furthermore, exploring overall sound design. While studying his musical education, Koohyar decided to combine cultural elements and formed the project GORGG to present those ideas as an innovative Art concept. The music scene in Iran is limited due to serious censorship, lack of music copyright regulations, and laws forbidding women to take part in music. This situation made it hard for GORGG to continue working as artists and brought them to Canada to further develop as an international Act. Their sound can be best described as dream-like atmosphere along with modal harmonic progressions in a minimal structure.

You can also check their Bandcamp page for earlier tracks.

Flying Leaf by GORGG has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

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