Synths of Techno: Tomcraft – Calabrone/ Cyclic Tendencies – Victorious (Barchi Remix)

This single is inspired to the Italian name of a wasp famous for its aggressivenes when defending its hive, and just like this insect, it has a groove stinging hard, with an incredible progressive melody in the recognizable style of Tomcraft.

Featured here before with You Don’t Know, German techno producer Tomcraft is back to Synths of Techno spotify playlist with a new track, Calabrone. Published by Baroque Records in 27th July, this is heavy high quality techno, original material. Another special remark for today is the remix of Cyclic Tendencies, produced by Victorious and remixed by Barchi, released today by Capiroto Records as a single, together with a new Remastered version.

Calabrone and Cylic Tendencies are Synths of Techno newest features.

Cyclic Tendencies, art by Olga Sergeeva

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