Cosmic Electronic/Post-Rock: Drab habit – Cosmos

A track that samples the voice of Carl Sagan and is called Cosmos will naturally be a cosmic electronic trip with a post-rock/shoegaze style of guitars. Produced by Dublin born David Qadir, London based, under the project Drab Habit. It’s our second feature of Psychedelic Waves of Eden Spotify Playlist. The lead melody followed by distorted guitars makes me think of Mogwai‘s style such as with 2008,  I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead. The track is part of the EP called Progress, that is also available for download in Bandcamp.

According to his bio, he was heavily influenced by grunge and classic rock:

“A self-taught guitarist first and foremost, Qadir’s early musical interest was firmly rooted in the Seattle grunge scene, with a sprinkling of 60s & 70s classic rock: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden & Stone Temple Pilots meets Hendrix & Led Zep. But, with age and through involvement in a variety of different projects, tastes broadened and he became increasingly interested in more diverse recording and production techniques. The first forays into self-production were heavily guitar-based arrangements, recorded on a trusty Boss BR900 8-track recorder, with which he still refuses to part. Nowadays, while a Gibson Les Paul and an Epiphone Sheraton II still take pride of place in his home studio, keyboards, synths and strings now play a prominent role in many of his compositions. “

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