Chilling in Eden: Nico Rosenberg – 2026 (Soft Rain)

The newest feature of Chilling in Eden Spotify Playlist is2026 (Soft Rain), a track producer by a Chilean music producer called Nico Rosenberg, from Santiago. According to him the track was recorded by using old synthesizers plus VHS/cassette tapes. The vocals were provided by Tara Baswani, an Indo/Canadian composer and singer that worked before with Cirque de Soleil/ Kooza.

The track’s title is a refference to the novel by Martian Chronicles and the poem There Will Come Soft Rains, by Sara Teasdale. 2026 (Soft Rain) is part of Nico’s debut EP entitled The Second Expedition. Released in all streaming platforms.

You can listen the playlist for more electronic chill tracks:

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