Ambient: Ambient Endeavors – Awake

Ambient Endeavors is the ambient instrumental project of guitarist Andrew Schibilla. We’re featuring his track Awake. With this project, Andrew finds inspiration in emotion of artists such as Hammock, Explosions in the Sky, and Lowercase Noises.

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New Electronic: Felsmann + Tiley – August

This Septemeber morning we’re sharing August, by Felsmann + Tilley. A bit late for August, but never late enough to share good music recorded with synthesizers. The track has been recorded using only synthesizers and it was released by Rare Ware Co. Felsmann + Tiley is a synthesizer-only composer duo from Frankfurt and London.

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Alt. Electronic: Tonspender – Temporary

Temporary comes from an EP called Restless, by German producer from Leipzig, Tonspender. According to himself, his music is on the edge of synthwave, between electronica, IDM & downtempo. His previous EP has been featured in an indie game called Hacknet. Currently Tonspender is diving deeper into analogue synthesizers’ realm.

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Experimental: Voltage Black – St. Elmo

Ancient mariner
Scan the horizon
Search forever
Guided by plasma
Angel or sorceress
Wrapped in a white dress
Beware St Elmo and what lurks below

But I, I got caught in your gravity
With a chemical urgency
For that moment all shallow was deep

St.Elmo by Voltage Black is the newest experimental release that deserves a spotlight. It mixes electronic music with rock, such as post-rock with an industrial mood. The track is part of the debut album of Voltage Black released this 21st of September The Curve of the Earth is With You. The opening party for the album will take place at New River Studios, this Thursday 27th September in London. Voltage Black, is a genre-defying vocal project of multi-alias artist, Ewan Fisher. According to its press release, the album has several different influences as much as feelings that served as inspiration for the creation of each track:

The album is about a long and deeply intimate relationship in the artist’s life that recently ended, and the individual songs explore themes such as obsession, optimism, chaos, and the slow, unending road to self-understanding. It uses melodic and textural maximalism to impart a sense of emotional and cerebral overwhelm on the listener, whilst the sonic detail and unconventional structures represent the depths we can go to in attempting to understand our lives and their ever changing, unpredictable natures.

These seven psychedelic and crystalline compositions draw together elements of alternative pop, post-rock, synth-wave, techno and cinematic ambience, to make a new sound all of its own. The sonic and emotional result is cohesive, and Fisher’s understanding of structure and melody makes the songs accessible and universally resonant.

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New Electronic: Smok-Mon – Ensam

Producer from Gothenburg (Sweden), Smok-Mon, is back with a new Release Ensam, once again featuring the vocals of Lorentzo Jönsson, just like in his previous album 05:09 covered here before by Synths of Eden. Ensam is part of single called Ensan Ovan Molnen, which has the second track Ovan Molnen, an instrumental. As much as before, delicate sound design, very atmospheric, proper for a late night mood. Or an early morning coffee time. Chill and uplifting. Smok-Mon uses his modular together with an 808 beautifully.

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Psychedelic Rock: Ostrich Bouquet – Your Name

Through cinematic shade
Of light I see my past through
Everyone’s there and
I don’t feel the need to
For the apathy and exhaustion
I can see the light shine
Through the kitchen window blinds

Not careless nostalgia
A time I must go back to
Nothing to be done
At that age to prove my worth
Except appreciate
Your presence
I think I did that well and
I’d like to think you knew that

I’m not worried about my future
But people tell me I should be
When nothing comes as easy
As it did back then

I’m not scared of what’s coming
I know that I can handle it
But they gave me your name
I know I can live up to it

Ostrich Bouquet (formed in February 2017) is a psychedelic rock band from Montréal, Canada.  Your Name is part of their second release, a 6 tracks EP called Perennial. I’m mesmerized by this song. First of all the lyrics, the power of words used in their vocals gives us a 90s rock feeling, the instrumentals, pretty good work that should be shared. It impresses me how many remarkable psychedelic rock bands are appearing. With Ostrich Bouquet it seems like they bring back the 90s rock renascence, instead something more clean, arpeggiated,  a shoegaze with synthesizers let’s say. Or what Radiohead seemed to do by the beginning of last decade, mixed with post-rock influences, for Ostrich Bouquet. It’s evident that there are plenty of good influences to their sound.  Plus, amazing cover art.

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Trip-Hop: Pablo Zuazo – São Paulo Downtown

Newest track of Pablo Zuazo (featured here before with Macaco Nu Jazz), São Paulo Downtown, referring to the biggest city of South America’s. Full of small buildings from the 50s and 60s marked by different graffiti (as shown by the artwork with Pablo and the background with São Paulo’s buildings). A place full of joy and things to do if you’re a young person looking for night adventures. Where all the commerce is, where all the people go every single day. Travelling from their distant neighbourhood in buses or metro that circulate throughout “a sea of hills”, sometimes this travel would take hours and all sorts of buses or trains.  All the commerce, all the great clubs, alternative occupations, political manifestation, the centre of Brazil’s biggest city. Where once it was just a single church formed by clever-Portuguese missionaries and indigenous people. It’s a downtown full of things and meaning. Full of layers, details, colours, where there is a lot of energy, with it’s ups and downs. Somehow this track represents it very well. You always need to stop a long time to cross the street, each time the track stops, it changes to something different. Somehow the tracks shows well the energy on that, called by Pablo as Nu Jazz. A lot to say about Pablo’s newest track. Jazzy, full of groove, samples, colours, layers… The track is available for streaming in Spotify and other stores.

Synthwave in Eden: Kenshiro+ – Nora Fries

‘Vantablack Hearts’ isn’t necessarily about the inherent darkness that can be found within every person, but the potential to overcome it. Even vantablack – the darkest color in existence – can only absorb about 99% of light, which means that there is light even in the pitch black darkness. There is hope for every heart.

Hungarian Synthwave producer from Budapest, Kenshiro+ has been featured here before with his first single Vengeance Preparations. Now he’s back with an EP, Vantablack Hearts. As much as with his previous work, it’s inspired in 80s graphic novels, “The name comes from the classic 80s Japanese comic book, Fist of the North Star”. The best part of Kenshiro’s work is for sure his sound design, with his distorted lead bass, on his colourful riffs and with his aggressive mix. His work is a must for Synthwave fans. I’d recommend the full EP, Even a Devil does justice to its name, ending beautifully with Urameshi, a track that would make Yusuke happy.

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Spotify Playlist – 90s Metal: Scott Burns (Producer) – Best Of

90s metal is not the usual style covered by Synths of Eden, but it’s a style of fundamental importance in the recent music history, especially the work of some great bands and producers that are worth being shared.

So here’s a playlist edited by LPascolatti (this blog’s editor) for all those metalheads that eventually follow/read our blog. A collection of tracks that were part of albums produced by Scott Burns during the 90s, including classics from Death, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Obituary and others.