New Electronic: Gadget and the Cloud – Planet

“The main concept is dealing with the party culture that exists within music scenes and the negative way it can affect people. A lot of electronic/dance music released focuses solely on bringing a party atmosphere and vibe, which is perfectly fine but we rarely stop to pay attention to what happens when the party never stops and that sense of euphoria is dead. ‘Songs For Sad People To Dance To’ traces the more introspective, quieter moments of a lifestyle associated with good times being mandatory. It charters the emotions of isolation, anxiety and the desire for meaningful connection and earnest emotion in a mostly superficial existence.”

Gadget and the Cloud is a remarkably creative producer from Cork, Ireland, Kelly Doherty. She has recently released a debut 8 tracks album called Songs for Sad People to Dance To, released by Dublin indie label Little L Records. Which was composed for people left behind at the end of the night (all of us have been there). Sonically, this album combines airy ambient with repressed dance turns. What can be also classified as a lo-fi electronic for some. The album has been premiered by Nialler9, that explains how Kelly evolved from a music journalist, to DJ and finally music producer.

“I’ve a whole world of music that I want to make. A big passion of mine is making art political, and I’m already working on a project about Repealing the Eighth with a spoken word artist in Cork and we’re hoping to have that out in the coming weeks.”

Kelly is very aware of how music (art in general) impacts politics and has recently released a track called Planet, part of a compilation called Solidarity Volume 1, to support the Palestinian cause, featuring tracks composed by Irish artists. The compilation was caused by a dissatisfaction towards Irish government’s refusal to condemn the genocide of Palestinian civilians. According to Sesh FM: “They refuse to act and remove Israeli diplomats in Ireland despite this being supported by the Dublin City Council. This project is a display of solidarity from all those involved.”. You can check the full manifesto in the tracks description in Soundcloud.

You can check the whole album below via Spotify:


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