Synths of Techno: Mafia B – Momentum

Impressive techno, I wish I could see how it would perform in the dance floor for a big crowd, I bet they would go insane. This is Momentum by Mafia B, from New York City, USA. Amazing bass in the drop, the work with sinthesizers, drums and vocals stand out. Keeping the usual tradition of that dark traditional techno.

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Synthwave in Eden: Mellow Fields – Wage of Destruction

Featured by Synths of Eden in April, producer from Canada, Mallow Fields is back with Wage of Destruction. Another epic synthwave track, that starts with a minimalistic set of long notes in the intro,  that are later followed by  synthesized waves combined with an unique rhythmic pattern that is similar to a 3x3x2, but a bit faster in the last beat? It has been released 18th of June, mixed and mastered by Tonebox. With illustration by Derek Rudy. It’s the first single of his EP Mellow Fields. Available in Bandcamp.

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Electronic: O Future – Stay / Smell You

“I have a very intimate relationship with time. Im preoccupied with avoiding it. If I opened my eyes to the reality of it, or dealt with it like a normal person I think my heart would break.  Time is terrible. That is why i can’t stop going near it.” – Katherine Mills

O Future is  a duo from Los Angeles, composed by Katherine Mills and Jens, that gives us a wide combination of multicoloured instrumentals with a voice that will make you travel in Stay when it grows from a quite ‘stay’ to a ‘loud and high’ one. While the same happens with the drums and voice, as if it expands in the perception to then get back to the normal picture.

While for Smell You we have a more disco track, but with the same atmospheric perception, that is filled with Katherine’s voice in a soft way, 007 soundtrack style, in the intro. According to her, Smell You is about flirting: “Deep heavy breathed flirting, to the point of almost crossing the line into not harmless into the realm of actually doing the thing your body says you are aiming at. That moment is the sexiest moment, the unsaid attraction between two people, the hidden secret thing between two people, all the animal non language turn on. Sometimes and, I would say most times in my life, those moments are the most delicious“.

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Electronica: Big Voyage – Jellyfish Bloom (Pt. 3)

Inspiration came from a truly modern phenomenon: as a result of climate change, the worldwide jellyfish population is exploding as other marine life declines rapidly. To capture this unsettling occurrence, Elias took cues from pioneer of 20th century minimalism Steve Reich to map pulsing overlapping patterns of melody to complex time-signatures in order to evoke an ever-growing inhuman mass. The three parts of the suite suggest the beginning, middle and end of what he suggests is “a cataclysm that is too often only ever thought of as perpetually ‘approaching’. Part 1 foreshadows the upheaval of Part 2, Part 3 represents the rise of an eerie new ecology that may well be very favorable to jellyfish and algae but may not have room for us.”

Jellyfish Bloom Suite is a conceptual single by Elias Ravin, known as his artist name Big Voyage, from Brooklyn, United States. It starts as a hypnotic arpeggio, that gives you the feeling of being floating inside the ocean.  Followed by tribal drums. The second part is a big reference to heavy metal as a style, combined with electronic music. That ends in its most trippy part the third, that has been embedded above. It resembles the first part, but more energetic and less jazzy.

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Synthwave in Eden: Lights A.M – Lightworker

This is Light A.M’s first released single. Lightworker mixes traditional darkwave with ambient music, it has that atmospheric and bright feeling of ambient music together with that 80s synths typical of dark wave, especially in the second half of the track, when it grows, incorporating more energetic drums.

Lights A.M is Erlend Eilertsen from Oslo, Norway. His track is also available for purchase via Bandcamp.

Techno: nej!las – Program Restart

Melodic House and Techno. The tracks combine dark techno with evolving progressive melodies; capable of transcending genre boundaries and creating something wholly new and unique.

Today’s techno feature is Program Restart by Canadian producer and DJ nej!las, from Toronto now based in Detroit. This track is part of her new homonymous 4 tracks EP, released by Teknofonic Recordings.

nej!las paves her own genre in music, combining dark techno with evolving progressive melodies; capable of transcending genre boundaries and creating something wholly new and unique. Listeners find themselves engrossed and encapsulated by the multiple levels of her work, with crisp and passionate production the center piece. Her breathtaking compositions immerses and engages the listener in her sound-track-like world. nej!las’ quick rise to fame is not one that’ll end shortly.

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Electronic: LPascolatti – Mushroom Head

Recorded in the summer of 2018, by LPascolatti in his new studio in Amsterdam. Using an electric bass guitar, Arturia Drum Brute and Microbrute, plus other digital vintage synthesizer. As an experience to record in 150bpm, the track features the Original Version plus an Instrumental Version. The original mix contains vocals singing the lyrics of Mushroom, by German Krautrock band Can (1971).

New single released today by Capiroto Records, Mushroom Head, by LPascolatti.

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Psychedelic Rock: Ben Millburn – Mr. Taco

Sunglass Moustache is a psychedelic record from Austin dwelling-Louisiana native Ben Millburn. It is also the name of the musicians and artists in his band and on his team. The band made the record in and around Austin, Texas at Church House (Robert Plant, Eddie Vedder, Black Angels) and Good Danny’s (Okkervil River, White Denim) studios. “We recorded the majority of the record live, vocals and all, about a week after we got back from a tour of the South. We recorded eight songs in two days. The rest of the record comes from studio improvisations and a song or two from my eight track. The first song ‘I Feel Something’ was one that we improvised in the studio.”

Mr. Taco by Ben Millburn is a psychedelic rock instrumental track that deserves a place in our Psychedelic Waves of Eden Spotify playlist. However, more than this, the whole album Sunglass Moustache released 14th of September deserves attention by fans of psychedelic rock. It has that old school feeling that from the 60s with a contemporary feeling only provided by modern studios. Tracks like I Feel Something and Mr. Tuxedo deserves total respect.  These two have vocals, like most of the tracks from the album, apart from Mr. Taco. Sunglass Moustache, the track, is something totally experimental, but that serves as a sample of all the creativity behind the creation of this album.

Techno: David Veiga – Tocandira

For his debut solo release on VaiVem Records, we are glad to welcome David Veiga. Bringing us two great tracks, “Tocandira” which signs the release delivering a somewhat melodic feeling, yet performing an intense approach by vocals and synths translating a dark and noisy encircle.

Tocandira is a track by David Veiga, from VaiVem Records, a techno collective from Northeast Brazil.


Downtempo: Poltrock – Titanus

Titanus by Poltorck. It’s a feeling that you’re listening to analogue synthesizers. Though a bit detuned, the sound design and how it transmutates during the arrangement deserves a big attention. The recording is another details that should be highlighted, the synthesizers sound atmospheric yet natural. The first 4 minutes explores arpeggios, while the last two delves into piano keys with an ambient mood.

Poltrock is a Belgian keyboardist. He spent half a decade experimenting with a considerable arrange of vintage keyboards and synths in his Brussels’ studio.

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